Highland Park Kitchen & Pantry Renovations

This existing kitchen was outdated, dimly lit, and far less than
functional.  A separate pantry was poorly utilized, and had just
one small window overlooking the owners' beautiful garden...
Fox Chapel Bungalow Restoration

This handsomely restored Craftsman bungalow is the result of
well-considered design choices by an architect sensitive to its
style, but the construction process began with peeling away
layers of poorly conceived alterations (by a previous owner) in
order to reveal its hidden beauty...
Mt. Lebanon Kitchen Addition

Although the homeowner was in love with this charming 1929
Tudor Revival house and its neighborhood, its uninspired
kitchen was outdated and claustrophobic, and the ramshackle
addition that served as its tiny breakfast area was dull and
The Architect's Home & Garden

Gardens are by definition—and must be—dynamic in their
nature.  The twitter of birds and the gentle rustle of leaves
reflect this energy in the immediate sense, while longer term
changes manifest themselves only over the course of a season,
or sometimes only over several years...
Craftsman Bathroom Renovation

In this restored bathroom, a restrained palette contributes to
an understated elegance that is emblematic of the Craftsman
Mt. Lebanon Deck & Powder Room

Functional and sensitively composed, this substantial new deck
with Craftsman inspired detailing also restores a comfortable
human scale to a previously austere and uninviting rear facade.