This garden is the embodiment of some of my
most enjoyable labors.  All of my gardens are
designed to be occupied, and I take great
pleasure in dining, entertaining, or simply
relaxing in mine at every opportunity.

Gardens are by definition—and must be—
dynamic in their nature.  The twitter of birds
and the gentle rustle of leaves reflect this
energy in the immediate sense, while longer
term changes manifest themselves only over
the course of a season, or sometimes only over
several years.  Plantings for this garden have
been selected to provide visual interest in every
season (even winter); for their subtle
fragrances; and for their abilities to attract not
only birds, but butterflies, bees, and even the
occasional hummingbird.

The essential importance of connecting a
building to its landscape—both visually and
physically— is an underlying philosophy in all of
my work.  This concept is reflected in
by the way in which windows and french
doors link both the master bedroom and t
studio to the private deck that is nestled
between them.  The notion is further reinforced
by the flowering vine-covered trellis that
screens the deck from an adjacent property,
and by broad steps that lead from the deck to
the patio and shade garden below.  Overarching
birch limbs provide shade and frame views of
the valley to
the east, while a border of various
dense shrubs shields this tiny urban sanctuary
from passersby.

Taking a cue from traditional Japanese design,
the garden has been developed as a series of
outdoor rooms, each with a different character
and purpose.  The composition is conceived as
a progression of distinct spaces that can be
understood from no one vantage point, but
that only reveals itself by exploring its paths.

The addition houses the master suite and the
architect’s studio.  With windows overlooking
the gardens on all three sides, it is detailed to
meld seamlessly with the original portion of the
1930's Craftsman bungalow.
The Architect's Home & Garden
Front entry in springtime.
Roses and perennial beds at rear of master suite/studio
Clematis vines along west side of deck.
Before Photos
Front of property prior to
renovations and addition.
Rear of property prior to
renovations and addition.
Lush, late-summer border along front walkway.
Pathway to rear garden.
Shade garden, viewed through patio gate.
Patio, deck, and master suite/studio addition.
Vegetable garden.
Pathway and perennial beds viewed through rear gate.
Pittsburgh's most handsome compost
Deck and master suite addition in winter.